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control Moncler Outlet occurs

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Many desperate parents and teachers often wonder how young children learn self-control. This question often comes in the wake of fried nerve endings following an interaction with a child who appeared out of control, or when dealing with a teenager with impulse control issues. Self-control is a skill we ideally start learning at birth. It is a behavior that is shaped by external systems of rewards and punishments, which means that it is up to the caregiver to shape behavior. Rewards, like praising, are what we use when we wish to acknowledge a desired behavior as being a good thing. By rewarding the child, our hope is that the desired behavior will continue. Punishment, such as negative comments, removal of a desired object or even spanking, shows the child that a behavior is not good or appropriate. By punishing a child, we hope to stop the behavior and discourage it from re-emerging at a different time.

Self-control Moncler Outlet occurs when the child can comply with the caregiver commands and directives even when they are not immediately present.

Model of Self-Control

The first stage in the development of self-control involves the back and forth interaction described above between the caregiver and the child. The child Moncler Outlet Online exhibits a particular behavior, the caregiver either rewards or punishes the child for the behavior, (hopefully) the desired behavior emerges. This interaction is called Adult-controlled behavior because learning is dependent on the adult intervention using rewards and punishment.

The second stage in the development of self-control occurs when the child can comply with the caregiver directives even when they are not immediately present. This means that the appropriate behavior has been internalized and the child is now able to control the behavior without the caregiver intervention.

The child is exploring his environment. He approaches an electrical outlet and says Moncler Outlet Store to himself, on touch that!?br /> Child withdraws

The model for how children learn self-control is rather simple. For it to work, caregiver must be consistent in their rewards and punishment. Repeated patterns are what help the child internalize the desired behavior.


The development of self-control is critical for a child to learn how to behave appropriately. However, the development of self-control does not fully address the more complex problems many caregivers face when dealing with behavioral problems. This requires an understanding of the development of self-regulation.